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The O'Neal's Way

Meet the home cook chef who's granting all your comfort food wishes.

Micro Munchie sat down with Chef Michael to learn more about him, what inspired him to start creating food content, and most importantly how the rest of us can GET A PLATE!

Chef Michael is serving up the kind of plates that put you to sleep, if you'd like to try and recreate any of his recipes you can shop his Etsy TheOnealsWay.


1. My name is Michael O’Neal and I’m from Washington DC but raised in Maryland.

2. The name of my food business is “TheOnealsWay”

3. I currently am a Food content creator on both TikTok and IG. My first video went viral this year in February which was my “Smothered Chicken” recipe.

4. Since my first viral video, I currently have seven videos over a million views. My “Southern Fried Cabbage” being the highest with 5million views on TikTok and 1.1million on IG.

5. I never would have thought that my food would go viral as fast as it has been going. I have have always loved to cook with my Mom, Aunts, and Gma. I thank them for everything I know today.

6. In 5yrs from now I want to hopefully have my restaurant either open or in the works for a grand opening! I hope to be continuing to inspire the young black kings to NOT follow the stereotype that we can’t cook. When they can grow to either inspire the next or become Chef’s themselves.

7. The best way to keep in contact with me is through both Instagram and TikTok.

  • Instagram- @michaelj.oneal

  • TikTok- @michaeljoneal

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