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MBR Oakland

Best Korean Restaurant in the Bay!

Spicy Braised Beef Short Ribs - photo credit @hungry_beluwuga

Established in 2017 Moo Bong ri (MBR) in Oakland CA, was voted best Korean Restaurant in the Bay Area! Above is a picture of their most popular item, the Spicy Braised Beef Short Ribs which has gotten over 80 yelp reviews!If you're in the Bay Area or planning a trip to just get away for the summer, adding MBR Oakland to your foodie bucket list is a must!

Alright, soooo.... you ready to order?


MBR Oakland is located at 4390 Telegraph Ave Suite K Oakland, CA 94609 and open 7 days a week during various hours. Don't have time to pull up? That's okay! You can order online at https://moobongri.menu11.com

Be sure to follow MBR Oakland on there Instagram @mbr_oakland for mouth watering content of their most popular dishes.

Remember ya'll Food don't slap it SMACK!

- E40 (Bay Area Legend)

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