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Is Dinner Ready?

Meet the Creole Texan who loves to cook!

Inspired by her mother, this Dallas Texan Shauntra Maddison (aka Chef Shauntra) took her passion for cooking and decided to share it with others by creating her own online food back in January of 2021 which now has led to her first cookbook!

Patty Melt- Courtesy of Chef Shauntra's Is Dinner Ready? Blog

Chef Shauntra's top viral dishes are the Patty Melt (as seen above), her Skillet Lasagna and easy Shrimp Etoufee. Although the images of her food may look complex, Chef Shauntra makes sure that her food creations involve simple ingredients and easy to follow recipes.

"The best dishes are the least complex dishes"

- Chef Shauntra

If you'd like to recreate some of Chef Shauntra's dishes go visit her food blog https://www.isdinner-ready.com and while you're there go ahead and add her cookbook titled "Is Dinner Ready"? to your cart!

Chef Shauntra's goal is to release more cookbooks in the future as well as staring in her own cooking show! To stay up to date on Shauntra's journey as a chef go follow her on Instagram ( @isdinner_ready) as well as visit her website https://www.isdinner-ready.com for more information.

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