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How does Micromunchie help your food business?

Updated: Mar 10

Micromunchie is the world's first content-driven marketplace for gastronomy. In today's world, static images are so mid-2000s! While short videos & interactive digital recommendations rule. Our unique application allows vendors to upload short videos and stories to sell their food & keep customers updated.

Through content, our vendors can connect with their customers like never before. Genuine media content allows consumers to get a visual taste before getting seated. Grow your bottom line with your content & don't let it get lost in the noise on other platforms. Monetize and grow your business!

Today there are hundreds of vendors on Instagram. Instagram vendors need to track and write DM orders manually, which leads to mistakes, & costs vendors money. Our application is a one-stop shop for vendors. We enable vendors to track orders, process payments, and grow their clientele in-app. We allow consumers to easily find cooks based on location, through their feeds, or simply browsing on our explore page.

Micromunchie also offers FREE consultations to chefs & cooks looking to take the leap of faith and startup. If you have any questions regarding your county's compliance requirements, contact us at support@micromunchie.com or signup here!

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